Difficulty rating

Difficulty-level 1

  • Easy trails on good paths.
  • For people in normal condition.
  • Also suitable for sneakers (with a good sole).
  • Walking time up to 4 hours.
  • Up to 400m difference in altitude.

Difficulty -level 2

  • Leichte Bergwege, Pfade teilweise mit Geröll.
  • Für sportlich aktive Menschen.
  • Nur für Wanderschuhe geeignet.
  • Gehzeit bis zu 5 Stunden.
  • 400-600m Höhenunterschied.

Difficulty- level 3

  • Moderately difficult mountain trails, sometimes rough terrain.
  • For people who exercise regularly and train their endurance.
  • Only suitable for trekking shoes.
  • Walking time over 6 hours.
  • Up to 1000m difference in altitude

Difficulty- level 4

  • Difficult mountain tours. Often no paths.
  • Suitable for people in very good condition and endurance as well as sure-footedness and without fear of heights.
  • Only suitable for trekking shoes.
  • Average walking time 7-9 hours.
  • Difference in altitude over 1000m

Group size

Small and nice. We decided us for a group size of 12 participants. This enables us to better design of our tours and access even in places that are not suitable for larger groups. Such as remote villages, for example, which can only accommodate a limited number of beds.


Our guides are mountaineers, conservationists, photographers and more. So you are always safe and surrounded by passionate and knowledgeable society. We pride ourselves on the extensive first-hand knowledge and personal service that our team of experts can offer.You can be sure that you will be accompanied by the best local guides and companions who offer unparalleled local knowledge in aim to bring every place to life.


We stay in mid-range hotels, family-run guest houses and sometimes in mountain huts.
The hotels are in the center of the cities, so that we can stroll through the streets after dinner. All rooms are comfortably furnished and have a bathroom. The guest houses are typical buildings for the country and lovely furnished by the hosts. The rooms and the bathroom are shared by 2 - 6 people. Mountain huts are simple accommodations in which 4 people or more sleep in one room. Sometimes you can also take a warm shower. It should also be mentioned that the standard does not correspond to that in the EU. But we think you don't travel to Albania to have the EU standard. In any case, we do our best to make you feel comfortable. Albanian hospitality will make it possible.

Hiking trails

Hiking trails that connect large villages are good wide trails that can also be passed by pack animals.Nevertheless, you have to expect a lot of stones and gravel. It is therefore recommended to take an appropriate footwear with you. On alpine terrain, the paths are narrower and less well-trodden, and as a hiker you have to be free from giddiness, experienced on hiking and sure-footed. On some hikes there are also rarely used paths that have almost been recaptured by nature. Long pants are very helpful and protect you from scrubbing. Best with a zipper and removable legs. In spring there can still be residual snow that ensures cool temperatures. Warm clothing, t-shirts to change and rain protection are recommended to have with you.

Packing List

  • Walking shoes – ankle-high walking shoes. Best with Vibram sole
  • Trekking pants and trekking shirts
  • Backpack 25L – 40L
  • Rain protection – rain pants and rain jacket, rain cover for the backpack (small umbrella – optional)
  • Sun protection – sunscreen, cap and sunglasses
  • personal medication
  • Water Bottle of 1.5 L
  • softshell jacket or other clothing
  • trekking poles (optional)
  • pocket knife (optional)
  • Headlamp (optional)
  • Oropax – good remedy for snoring (optional)
  • Trekking Food (optional)
  • swimsuits (optional)


To book a trip, we ask you to fill out the appropriate form on our website. You are also welcome to call us.
After receipt of your booking, you will receive a corresponding booking confirmation and the invoice for the down payment for the trip (20%) as soon as possible.
This deposit must be paid immediately.
The balance of the trip is due within 15 days of departure. We will send you a corresponding invoice in good time as well as all important last information before your departure.
Bank transfer: You will receive our account details with the invoice and can make the payment.

Cancelation policy

A cancelation or rebooking must be made by writing an email or letter. For short-term rebooking / cancellations, the following fees (in% of the total price) are charged in addition to the processing fee:

  • 30 – 15 Days before departure 25 %
  • 14 – 8 Days before departure 50 %
  • 7 – Days before departure and „no show” 100 %

Rebooking are only possible within the published travel dates and with the express consent of Albatrek.

Do you still have unanswered questions? Then write to us.